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Saturday, 14 March 2015

I got the tough face back on

Hello everyone. I hope this post finds you all well.

Despite my outburst in the previous post, I am doing good. Still heart broken from the last event, but am okay. Like I said, it was only for one night. In fact, I've been busy with uni. 

I've got an assignment due in two weeks time. It's supposed to be a group assignment of two but my team mate disappeared on me. She's nowhere to be found and not replying to my messages. Maybe she changed timetable or dropped the course because it's boring. Or maybe she fell down and broke a leg or something. (Something wrong always happens in group assignment.) Oh well, whatever. I'll just do it myself then. Only I still have to check with the course coordinator regarding this matter. But I'll start doing it anyway. As a matter of fact, I've started it. Don't want to waste time looking for another team mate, do I? Even if they don't approve, I will still do the assignment. It's silly if they don't grade it. (And I believe I should get a special consideration regarding submission due. This one, I'll fight for.)

Honestly, though, I'm kinda nervous doing this assignment by myself because it's supposed to be a work of two. I know I can do it. I have to do it either way. It requires double the time but it's doable. Talking to the lecturer regarding submission due is something I will definitely do on Monday. Worse thing that can happen is, my special consideration is not approved. That would suck. But I'm positive I can finish the assignment anyway. 

So that's it. Crisis averted. 

Other than the nervous and broken heart, I'm alright. There was a thin chance for me to breakdown again earlier. It was due to Mum telling me that Dad is getting married with the bloody woman. Hmmm. I don't know what to say . . . .

Yes, I was upset and even broken into more pieces. Yet, I'm grateful that Mum, she being a great Mum, talked me through it. Her being strong is what inspires me. She told me not to give a damn about it because he's no longer significant in our lives, and just focus on my study and my own future. I feel slightly better after hearing what she said. It also reminds me that I gotta fight harder and harder. Fight until I can't fight anymore. It's time to put the tough face back on and strive forward. For another 3 or 4 months my mind will be occupied with uni and work. Thinking of anything else is going to slow me down.

Tomorrow I'll do more of the assignment and then study for another course a bit. For tonight, I'm going to bed, falling asleep with the sound of rain. It is somehow calming the soul.

Until next post.

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