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Wednesday, 1 April 2015

What's in April

Welcoming April, I just spent 30 minutes looking over the study planner on my wall. I was trying to figure out my plans through the month and made notes, both on the planner and the diary, on things that have to be done.

So, what's exactly in April for me? Here are the things to look for:

  1. April Fools, which is today. (No one punked me.)
  2. Easter. (A good excuse to eat more chocolate!)
  3. My birthday. (Will buy something nice for myself.)
  4. 3 assignments to submit. (You can do this, Rae!)
  5. Applying for internships. (You definitely, seriously have to actually start doing it, Rae! You will sit your ass down and pamper your CV and apply!)
  6. (Possibly?) Meeting with new people, as in girls. (Hmmm . . . )

Well, thus seem like an interesting month I'll be going through, aye? 

With three assignments due in this month, though, I will definitely spend midsemester break to work on them, which starts on 2 until 8. It seems to me that no break until this semester is over. But it's okay. All this hustle and bustle of uni life and work keep me sane. I get stressed out, but I enjoy it all the same. Even though I whine like a bitch sometimes but I don't really mean it. I just like to, well . . . whine. 

I will have a good, nice break some time later. (Great Ocean Road, wait till I come to you!!!) Until then, working my ass off is what necessary. 

Other than all these, well, I wish you a happy Easter. Happy holiday! (So looking forward to have sugar overload!) 

Until next post.

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