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Thursday, 1 January 2015

Day 2: New Year

In day 2, we spent most of the day in the city. I took Q around places; my university, workplace, the State Library, Federation Square, Yarra River, and Docklands. I had her eat Schintz, an Australian franchise food. She was enjoying the day, sipping in Melbourne atmosphere. According to her, all the people in Melbourne seem so relax, like no one seems to rush. (All the people but me, maybe?) Portland's atmosphere is relaxing, but Melbourne is even more relaxing. People seem to enjoy their days, so she said. I never paid attention to it before but then agreed to her after I eventually did. At the same time, I let her experience the culture and answered her questions.

At night, as the New Year was coming closer, I took her to Crown and we mingled around the casino, clubs and bars. But then there was a little accident: we got separated among the crowd. The phone calls couldn't get through and I have no idea where she was. It took me 3 hours to finally found her. So basically we watched the fireworks separately, but still in the same area. I was in Yarra Bridge and she was in Federation Square, just a few hundreds yard away, apparently, but between thousands of people.

After I found her, we both were upset and tired. We went home in silence and go to bed after shower. In the morning we argued a bit, speaking out what we think went wrong that night. The atmosphere was tense as we were getting ready to go out. But we were able to sort things out and so we kissed and we made up. Well, not kiss, kiss. It's just an expression. You get it, yeah?

Anyways, it was our first real quarrel. It seems funny now that I'm thinking about it. Glad that we put it behind us sooner than later.
All is good now.

Here is some photos that I took on the day.

Ah, Happy New Year to you all! Hope you guys had a blast New Year!

Until next post.

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