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Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Walking in the City

This year's summer isn't so bad as it was last year. The weather hasn't reached 40 degrees and most of the time it falls down to 15 degrees at night. It does actually feel like spring season to me rather than summer. Some days were a scorcher that I literally bathed in sunscreen but lately it's been getting chill. I've managed to get sunburn and the skin around my arms is now slightly tan. But it isn't enough and I need more sunlight. And so one sunny Saturday morning I went on a walk in the City. Enjoying the sun and the view, I walked towards South Melbourne. I passed by the Yarra Bridge, walking along the pathway and passing by the City trail for bikers, and also the Shrine of Remembrance. It wasn't a scorcher as the wind was a bit chill, making it even more perfect day for a walk.

Like the tourists around, I also took some pictures while walking. That actually made me feel like one, you know. But anyway, it was such a nice day so I wouldn't mind enjoying it to the last bit. Here are some of the pictures I took.

As my life is now back to the way it was before Quin came, it is now all about oft-repeated routine. By doing the walk that day I realised that I should do more of such thing. Walking, relaxing, or even just sitting on the grass in a park and read a book while summer is still on. Besides, I need to even out the tan lines and I haven't been able to go sunbathing in the beach.

That sounds like a good idea and I shall do it often.

Until next post.  

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