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Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Day 1: She's Here!

The wait has finally over. She's here! After ten years, we finally made it. It was a bit awkward at first, but then the ice was broken within a second. Her plane landed on schedule, I got to the airport just in time as she walked out the arrivals gate. We hugged tightly and for a moment it felt like a dream. We bumped into two European guys who looked completely out of place on our way; one is here to work at the Cirque de Soleil, the other is on working holiday visa. Soon they joined the two of us and I helped them with their travel route.

We took buses and tram to get to my place. She cooked me some eggs for a brief lunch. With her being exhausted after twenty-seven hours of travel -- from Portland to San Fransisco to Shanghai, then Melbourne -- we stayed home after we went out to do some groceries and had an early dinner. Oh, we also had some kangaroo steak. The meat was... chewy. I don't think I fancy the meal, imagining a cute kangaroo... That would be the first and last I ever eat kangaroo meat. I, then, called Mum and introduced her to my entire family, even to my one-year-old nephew. She's passed out now. Soon I'll be gone to sleep as well. Pretty much enthusiastic for tomorrow's NYE. 

 Oh, and she bought me some gifts, too. 

Until next post.

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