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Monday, 29 December 2014

Counting the Hours

Christmas has passed. Turned out my second Christmas was just the same as last year; I stayed at home and slept in, cooked some meals, ate, watched some movies, called Mum, and then back to sleep. I was going to open a bottle Smirnoff Ice -- the weather seemed perfect for a beer -- that I've been keeping in the fridge, but I had an upset stomach. So, I decided against it and keep the beer for next time.

Boxing Day was the day after Christmas. It's similar to Black Friday in the US; big shopping day, big discounts (although, I reckon the price wasn't so cheap). Every single shopping center was overcrowded. People were cramped inside the building, elbowing their way to fill in their carts like predators hunting for the same prey. I was one of them, although I was less enthusiastic. I went to a shopping center that was less crowded, walking around mindlessly with no particular need to buy anything. After forty-five minutes I walked out the store with a bag in my hand. I bought me a pair of sandal, 5 pieces of panties (hipster cut), and a pair of bikini. Yes, I bought a bikini and I'll wear it to the beach. As Q said when I told her I got a pair of bikini, "good, so we can go to the beach as soon as I get there."

Or maybe not.

Speaking of Q (I really need to find her a better name, don't I?). She's on the plane from Shanghai as I'm typing this. Her plane is going to touch down by 10 o'clock in the morning. I'm going to pick her up at the airport, and I'm such a nervous wreck right now. It must be from the excitement of meeting her for the first time. But it's a good nervous I'm feeling and a good panick attack I'm having. I spent the day cleaning up my room and the entire apartment. I did my laundry, changed the sheet and everything. Housemate is out on a trip since before Christmas, so we're going to have the place by ourselves for a little while, at least. I've checked online the arrival time and the gate number she'll be coming in from, and I'm going to stand there waiting for her. Also, I've planned my trip to the airport and back with PTV Journey Planner. I got everything scheduled on my phone. It's very OCD of me, I know.

I should have gone to bed by now because I have to wake up early in the morning to get ready. But I'm too excited, like a kid having too much sugar. Guess I'll wait a bit.

Until next post. 

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