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Friday, 2 September 2016

Welcoming Spring and New Beginnings

Hey, it's finally Spring here in Australia! The weather has gradually gotten warmer, although we do still have cold days, and the trees are growing leaves. I have always loved Sprig because it reminds me that Summer comes after. That also reminds me that I only have 3 months left to prepare for Summer body. (Yikes!)

Anyhow, Spring this is year seems to be quite promising for me. I am looking forward for new beginnings that could happen, in the very near future I hope. As a matter of fact, I am entering a new beginning. Remember when I mentioned about applying for a property rental? Well, I got my application approved, so I am moving on the 13th of September. YAY!

I am so happy because this would be my first time being on the lease of a property. It's a two-bedroom apartment in Bundoora and is strategically located nearby shopping center, sporting center and universities. The rent expense is slightly higher but I am planning to get a housemate. Speaking of which,  I am excited because I get to choose the housemate! The fun part is, I make the rules in the house, people! One thing that I will set out clear is definitely the pay of the rent. The next thing is, cleaning chores! I am so happy that I don't have to come home to a pile of dirty dishes and grimy kitchen.

Admittedly, this moving business has put me in so much pressure and stress. I had a few obstacles regarding this, and mind you, moving is never easy. But what I am feeling grateful is, there are people who were willing to help me sincerely. I send them my biggest THANK YOU, really. I see true friendship in them.

I am looking forward for what Spring will bring me this time. One thing that I hope for is, hopefully I get to hear good news from the jobs that I applied. I am so ready for a change in job, too. Until then, I just have to keep trying. Regardless what will happen next, I am just going to enjoy the beauty of Spring!

Until next post.

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