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Sunday, 28 August 2016

What is Yoga For Me

I found a new hobby. It's yoga. My very first introduction with yoga was in May, and ever since I have begun to practice yoga daily. Well, I always try to practice daily but on some very, very cold days during winter it was nearly impossible to get up and get on the mat. Thank goodness winter is almost over and Spring is just around the corner!

Now, three months into yoga, it has become more than just a hobby. When I first started, it was just an exercise as it helps toning my muscles and keeps my body in shape and healthy. However, gradually it is becoming a lifestyle. Spiritually speaking, yoga teaches me balance, flexibility, strength appreciation, acceptance, letting go and surrender. Often times, during the practice, I would wander why I couldn't be that flexible like the other yogis. Then I would push myself harder and deeper into the pose until I realise that I just can't, yet. So I learn to appreciate my body and listen to what it says. But more importantly, yoga teaches me how to be me and I am forever grateful to be introduced to it.

What I love the most about yoga is the various experience it has given me. One day, I came to a class of one of my favorite yoga teachers. She's a good teacher and I love the way she teaches and the music she plays during her class. Towards the end of the class, after a very intense and much faster flow we get to hold poses slightly longer and the flow had become slower, I was so caught up with my own practice, with her thoughtful words and the beautiful music, my tears just rolled down my face.

On another days, my practice took me to the feeling of agitation, anger and upset I just couldn't help but wish that the class would end soon. But through all that, I learn to accept whatever feelings that occur during the practice and move on. I have cried, laughed, fallen down on the mat, but never farted, yet, I have felt like I want to punch the instructor for making me twist, going up and down for so many times, and that's just the beauty of my practice.

Three months into practicing yoga is not a long time, I am not sure if I could call myself a yogi! Well, maybe I could call myself a newbie yogi. I still have a very long way to go and many things to learn. As of now, I am still trying to understand the "oneness" in yoga. That is, I realise, is a lifetime learning process. It is a process of going from a human being doing yoga to a human being yoga. Until then, it is all about getting my bum on the mat every day.

Until next post.

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