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Monday, 25 January 2016

With the Family

It's been a week since I sent the family off and life's back to the way it used to be; the alone and quiet, nearly boring life. Being on my own now I realise that I did love having the family around, knowing that they would be at home waiting for me. Mum would then fix us a dinner after I shower, and Vincent would give me a massage before I go to bed. Oh, it was such a heaven! After a month they stayed with me, going home to nobody is definitely taking me a while to get use to.

As expected, it took them sometime to get around town by walking. Despite that Melbourne has better and more reliable public transport than any other city, walking long distance is also unavoidable to get you to the places you need to be. Though, after sometime they got use to it and were able to go out and wander around the city by themselves while I was at work.

Weather is another thing for them to cope with. Summer in Melbourne can be quite rough, particularly in scorch days that may reach up to 44 degrees (in Celsius), meanwhile the temperature may decrease down to 10 degrees at night. It's either way too hot or way too cold for them, but they made it through. I've made a mental note that I won't be able to fly Mum here during winter because she won't be able to handle the cold.

During their stay, I took them around when I was not working. They arrived one day prior to the graduation day, so that day I took them to the city. It was the first time for them taking a tram ride. The next day was the graduation so we were busy getting prepared. They came with me to the parade in the morning and then we spent some time taking pictures, then we had a lunch before heading out to Etihad Stadium for the graduation ceremony. It was indeed a night full of pride for me and my family.

For the next few days, I walked them around from Federation Square down to Yarra River and further up to the Shrine of Remembrance and Botanical Garden. In New Year's Eve we went to the city to watch the fireworks display. I also took them to Docklands, Melbourne Aquarium, Eureka Tower, Luna Park and St Kilda Beach, and, of course, the Queen Victoria Market, the place that Mum was so keen on going since she arrived. Later on, I also took her to the market close by the house, the Preston Market. You see, of all places that I took her, Woolworths and the markets were her absolute favourite places to go. She would end up buying ingredients and then cook them. How can I not love her dearly when she cooked me heaps of food that would last me for months?

The view from Yarra River
The view from Eureka Tower
St Kilda Beach
Federation Square in NYE
One day after New Year was Mum's birthday. I'm grateful that this year I had the chance to celebrate her birthday. We (and by "we" I mean more likely Mum) cooked some dishes and celebrated her birthday by having the meals. A friend of mine came over and my housemate bought a birthday cake.

On the last day, we went for a drive to Great Ocean Road. It was also my first time of going there. We stopped by at several stopping points to take scenery shots, and my favourite is the Teddy's Lookout, where you can see the beach and further the ocean. By night we finally arrived at the Twelve Apostles. There are actually only 8 apostles left by now but the name is kept as it is. We got there just right in time as the sun set and it was the most fascinating view I've ever seen.

The view from one of the lookouts
The Great Ocean Road, taken from atop the Teddy's Lookout
6 out of the 12 apostles
Lies atop is the road to Port Campbell
The Twelve Apostles Lookout
The other 2 apostles
Well, that's rounded up the trips. Next time I would surely take them to see more things, including the Gibson Steps and many more around the Great Ocean Road. In the meantime, I might go for a trip to Grampians with a friend this February. And what's coming soon is that I would probably go to Melbourne Pride this coming Sunday. Fingers crossed I don't cancel it last minute and decide to bail on my friend who's been begging me to come. Story to be told next, if I make it there. 

Until next post.

P.S. All pictures are credited to my brother.  


bybyq said...

Ah... I remember the first time I went there. Bet you and your family had so much fun together. I wish the flight to Norwich is not as long as it is so my family could come and visit me more often. Somehow 16 hours flight makes some people feel incredibly uncomfortable :(

Rae said...

We did! :) It's 7 to 9 hours flight and Mum can barely take it.

It's a long flight, indeed. Well hopefully they get to visit you some day :) Oh and you should plan a visit to Melbourne too! :D