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Wednesday, 11 November 2015

The Finsih Line

I finally finished all my exams yesterday. Yay!!! That's it. That's the end of my education. The two year of studying (read: procrastinating), continuous torture and countless of all-nighter have now come to an end. It saddens me at some point because I know I'm going to miss uni life, but at the same time I can now breathe now that I don't have to worry about tuition, or assignment due and quizzes and group works and presentations.

Thinking about what I've gone through to finish my Masters, god, I'm wondering now how did I do it? One important lesson that I learned from completing my degree: is that no matter how hard it was, how bumpy the road could be, I eventually got through it all with the sense of willingness to go an extra mile, determination and hard work. I made mistakes, I have had my fair share of disappointment and frustration, and there were never-ending obstacles along the way in my studies, yet I arrived at the finish line eventually. Surely, I have obtained knowledge and skills from the degree that would be useful in the workforce. But this one lesson, is what will make me go through life.

I'm awaiting the exam results, which I'm sure I'll pass, and the graduation is in December. Fingers crossed that everything goes smooth Mum and Vincent will be here to attend the graduation ceremony.

Upon me crossing the finish line, indeed a celebration came afterwards. I went to grab some early dinner with a friend then we went to see a movie. We vacillated between Bridge of Spies or The Last Witch Hunter. Tom Hanks won because it was the earliest show. It was real good, you should watch it. We went back to her place after the movie and she popped open a bottle of riesling with Clare Valley marked on it (my favourite). Her housemate is away interstate so we had the house for ourselves. I turned on Spotify and played Milky Chance to help us relax.

Enjoying the wine and the music, we started talking. We talked about life; the past and the future. We shared stories - good and bad, happy and sad. We shared the mistakes we made in the past and how we learned from it, did we or did we not learn from it. We conversed over our plans; her being a nurse in aged care, wanting to pursue a better career, and me juggling with visa and looking for jobs. We imagined what our own future would be like. In the end, we raised the glass and made a toast to life, whatever it turns out to be.

I thank her for such a great night. It was indeed the perfect way to celebrate my last day of uni.

The next day, which is today actually, I had a get-together dinner with my friends. One of them, Momo, has also finished her studies and is going back home for good. But she will be back here for the graduation. It was such a good night that I get to meet my friends and catch up with them after so long. It's sad that she has to leave Melbourne but all the while I'm happy for her for completing her undergraduate studies. I wish her all the best. And for sure I'm going to miss her and hanging out at her apartment with the others. She's kind enough for letting me crash on her couch. 

This may not be the end of my journey, and starting tomorrow I will have to start putting the plans together and make them happen. But for tonight, I let myself to celebrate my achievement.

Oh, and from now on, I can "Netflix and Chill", baby!

Until next post.


Anonymous said...

Congratulation, mba Rae...
Aaahh finally you finish the study. I remember when you posted story here, bagi2 buku gratis karena mau berangkat, trus saya ga kebagian krn kehabisan, hahaha. Time flies ya, mba...


Rae said...

Dear RF,

Makasih ya. Next time kalau ada bagi-bagi buku gratis lagi, jangan sampai ketinggalan ya! Also, makasih lho masih ngikutin blog ini.