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Sunday, 1 November 2015

Quiet Sunday Night

In the past couple of weeks work has been quite hectic and tiring. We've experienced shortage on staff as people gradually fell sick. Thanks to Spring's hayfever strike. I have worked long hours to cover the abandoned shifts. So here I am, already in bed since 9.30 o'clock, having a lazy Sunday night, listening to Norah Jones's Feels Like Home album while chatting with Vincent and exchanging text messages with a friend.

I wonder if this makes me old, though. The fact is, I am feeling old. Some of my lesbian friends are out in a party tonight while I'm already in my bed. I was invited to a Halloween party on Friday and Saturday but I politely declined due to work commitment, and by today I'm completely worn out. Hence, I stayed home today. I studied a bit for Friday's exam, though. Did some practice on past exam questions. I took a nap afterward and ate some leftover food I brought from work while watching Netflix. 

That sums up my long weekend. But I'm grateful nonetheless to be having some time to rest up and lazying around. I may feel old, but boy, this is just how I am. I'd prefer a quiet day by myself, sometimes with a companion or two, playing cosy music and just winding down to a loud, crowded party. 

How's your weekend going? Hope any of you out there had a good weekend. 

Until next post. 


Anonymous said...

hey rae, ive been reading your blog for a long time. im a student in melbourne too. we probably should catch up sometime : )

Rae said...

Hey there,

That would be lovely! Please drop me an email on secret_on_screen@yahoo.com or simply follow me on Twitter and message me, and maybe we can arrange a time to catch up. :)


Muliani said...

jangan ketemu orang asing sembarangan ci, apalagi lewat internet, bahaya ci...

Rae said...

Dear Mul,

Haha makasih lho udah ingetin. Aku tetap hati-hati kok. :)