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Monday, 7 September 2015

No Longer Body Shaming

What would you say if your boss made a comment about your body parts? Would you take is as sexual harassment? Would you be pissed off?

It happened to me the other day. My boss, Mr. J, said, "You have a nice and perky ass, Rae." Well, I thanked him for saying that because I took it as a compliment. Also because I know him well enough and I'm sure that he didn't mean any harm by his comment on my ass. It was a genuine gesture of compliment. 

In the old days, it would probably upset me. My twisted brain would quickly turn the compliment into an insult. Here is maybe the reason why: I don't like being the center of attention and therefore I don't like people noticing me. Unfortunately, I have curvy hips and perky ass. It's just exactly what it needs to make me noticeable. 

During primary school until high school, I took so much effort to hide my assets. I dared not to wear fitted clothes. I hunched my back so my boobs wouldn't stand out, calling for attention. Although I knew my boobs weren't that big. I was 12, for god's sake. (Although, I notice that it gets bigger now after being sexually active. That is not scientifically proven, of course. But whatever. B cup will do me just fine.) As a result, I have a pretty bad posture now. I really need to go see a chiropractor regarding my posture. 

Getting all the compliments about parts of my body now feels somewhat like an eye-opener. I don't have to feel ashamed of it. I've seen some people work harder to get what I have. They have to do squat twice as much as I do, while I was born with it. My coworkers acknowledged it verbally, admitting they checked out my ass and agreed I have the best ass at work. (And no. It wasn't in a way of checking me out the way you're thinking. Whatever it is you're thinking.) Thanks to my dad. It's his feature I inherited, while my brothers got Mum's feature; no hips, flat bum. (Sorry, Mum. But you know I love you still!) 

Knowing this changes many things about me. One, I accept that I'm curvy in some parts of my body, it being my hips and ass. Two, I shouldn't be ashamed of it. Now I can call back to those who ever teased me and called me names back in school and say, "Hey look, I got a nice and perky ass and nice boobs! And you know what? I don't have to spend so much money in gym because I was born with it. Ha! (I still need to excercise, though.) And lastly, I learn to appreciate myself and be more comfortable and confident. By appreciate meaning I should invest more on yoga pants, fitted jeans and low-cut t-shirts (Mum knows I have dozens of V-neck tees.) That's my goal for Boxing Day this year. 

Until next post. 

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