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Monday, 6 July 2015

May and June Updates

Hello, July.
And yes, it's winter here again.
And, I missed two months in updating this blog.
A promise has been broken.

Anyway, a little bit of update since my last post.

May. I celebrated my 28th birthday with Tab and Nana. We met up for a quick brunch at Hopetoun Tea Rooms. It's a fancy and well known restaurant in city, and it has been for over 100 years. That time we also celebrated Tab's wedding. I'm so happy for her and I wish her happiness always.

More on May, I eventually met up with a couple of girls/women through this one application called Wapa. It's something like Grindr for lesbians. Never imagined that I would use it but hey, why not? So I set up my profile and to my surprise I got a few messages quite often. Not bad, huh? Though I never intentionally check in every day and search and start a chat to someone. I guess I'm more like the 'waiting' type. I still keep in touch with some of them after the initial meetings, while the others, well, let's just say we didn't find any common interest and so we silently agreed to call it a quit. That, and I was fast absorbed with uni stuff and works.

June. More uni and more works. I struggled to complete 9 assignments in last semester but eventually I did complete all of them. I have to say that last semester was probably the best semester ever so far because I met with good, hard working people for most of my group works. It resulted in three High Distinction group reports out four, which I'm extremely happy about. Only one group in one course that was a pain in the ass. But I guess I can never have it all perfect, right? So I'm letting it go. I'm awaiting the official results and am hoping I did good enough on the individual assignment to pass the course.

Then there were final exams. I think I did well in most of the exams. But we'll see how the results will be.

Now. I'm on school break. Nothing much to do but work. I know I promised myself to go on a trip this break, but apparently I couldn't. There are several obligations I need to meet and some more important things to do. And it means only one word: WORK.

The trip can wait.

However, I managed to gift myself for my hard work during the semester. I guess it can be an early self-treat before the results come out. And that is, I bought a Kindle!!! Just the basic one, the one that is in my budget, the Kindle Touch (7th generation). Now I can catch up on readings again.

For the record, my initial purchase from the device was The Affair by Cori Kane. It's a lesbian story, by the way. I was at lost on what book should I read on the device and the title just came up on my mind because I recently saw it on my Facebook timeline. So I searched and purchased it for $3.99. It was an easy reading with a sweet and smutty but-not-too-steamy love making scene. But it was enough to warm me up a little. Hey, don't judge me. Melbourne's winter is grey and cold, and dull and lonely. I need something to warm me up beside having hot chocolate that will add another ounce to my scale, no?

Actually, my main intention was to catch up on Game of Thrones series. You know how thick the books are, don't you? So a Kindle will do.

Well, that's pretty much it for now. I'm going to bed with one pray in my head: hopefully I really do get good grades this semester, considering the self-treat I purchased.

Until next post.

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Anonymous said...

wah keren punya Kindle. #halah