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Tuesday, 18 November 2014

A Sticky Note

One of so many things that I've been keeping a mental note on is reading. I want to start reading again. I need to start reading again. This is one of the 'to-do list' I was talking about on the latest post.


It's been quite a while since the last time I read a book. In fact, it's been way too long, despite calling myself an avid reader. There's always an excuse for me not to read; a whole bunch of assignments, tests, finals, or workload. Sometimes I miss being so engrossed over a book that I can't put it down. I miss fantasizing a storyline or picturing myself as one of the characters. I miss burying my face behind a book, turning every page with excitement.

On top of all that, I miss the feeling of enjoying a very good read - a feeling that I can never explain and can never be understood by people who don't like reading, like Mum. She wholeheartedly disapproves my obsessive passion in reading (and apparently my obsessive and impulsive buying of books too), but she never stops me anyways. If I were to tell her that one of my most wanted dreams is to have a private library where I put all my book collection, she'd probably laugh at me, if not snapping at me. But what can I say? We both totally have different point of view in this matter (now you see, how different a mother and a daughter can be and most of the time people judge out of differences).

Lucky now I live in Melbourne that has plenty of libraries! I've come to a decision that I'd borrow rather than buy for the sake of keeping less stuff, just in case I'm going to move out again. It's gonna be a mission to move out with boxes and boxes of book, don't you think? And, of course, for money wise, too (hey, I'm a poor student, working to support myself, okay? I'm just kidding. But I'm serious about being poor, though).

Having the need to start reading haunted my mind for so long, I finally made myself go to the City Library yesterday, joined the membership and borrowed a book. I have to admit that I get remarkably excited every time I step into a bookstore/library (except for uni library) like a little girl enters a candy shop, and so did I when I walked into the City Library. I spent almost three hours looking over the online catalog, walking between the bookshelves, searching for books. I was actually such at loss that I don't know what book I want to read. After trying to dig it out of my head, I eventually picked a book that first came up in my head: Last Sacrifice (a series of Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead).

Wasting no more time, I pulled out the book out of my bag and started reading while on the tram home. I smiled when I turned the first page and found a sticky note written by a reader, who apparently borrowed the book about a year ago. The note says:

This might be nothing, no such a big deal, but I just think it's really sweet. It's some kind of a secret way to pass a message to another readers. Okay, I'm being too much here. But still, it's cute and I love it! Maybe I'll leave a note on a book one day... Glad that I dragged myself to the library and beat procrastination. One list is ticked off.

Until next post.


Anonymous said...

i wanna try that sweet things too

Rae said...

Sure, you can do that. Or, one sweet little thing you can also do is leave a name or even an initial when you post a comment here. :)