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Monday, 28 July 2014

My Studies So Far

Semester 3 has been going for two weeks now and I've got plenty of summary to do, and mounted of practice questions to solve. It's going to be tough this semester as I'm doing Taxation Law, Financial Management, Financial Accounting Report (which includes corporate consolidated financial report, and is pretty much a complicated subject), and Business Statistics.

I'm worried much about this semester that at some point I can't function. Seems like my brain just goes numb and blank and I don't even get a single thing out of the materials. Or perhaps because I'm just too tired sometimes. Clearly this semester requires more effort for study and I can see myself staying up all night at uni studying in the next coming week. 

By now I've got use to the Australian education system and assessment marking. It's slightly similar to when I was doing my bachelor degree in Indonesia. Up for now I passed all the subjects, only this time I want to get higher grade, especially in the core accounting subject. This won't be easy and requires double the effort and time of study, but I'm gonna try. I have to. 

There are some thing that I have to sacrifice in order to achieve this. I have to give up some volunteer activity that I've been doing since last year, which is mentoring for international students in foundation studies at my uni. I won't, by now, have time to organize activities for the international students and actually go to every activity. It takes quite of time and full commitment to be a mentor and I just can't do it. Not this semester. 

Another thing that I have to give up is my workload. I will still do two jobs but I'm working less shift now. Just enough to pay my daily living cost and have a little bit savings for next semester's tuition. I know I still can work as much as I want during summer break. Also, I'm giving up several of my weekends. Distraction is the least I need right now, hence I'll be studying instead of going out. That should be easy remembering I earn little less money now so I won't have spare money to spend on weekends. 

I really hope that this all will be worth in the end. Competition is getting higher and higher, and getting enough point just to pass a subject isn't good enough. Because I have to stand out in the crowd if I really want to get into the workforce and eventually settle down. I have to keep reminding myself that this is for the better future.

And for Mum. Definitely for her.


Stefanie said...

4 thumbs for you and salute as well rae. Wish u all the best and im sure 200% that u can pass all of this

Rae said...

Thanks, Stef :)