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Friday, 25 July 2014

Friends with Benefits

It's 4:07 in the morning as I'm typing this and Melbourne is at its coldest weather. I was awoken by the sound of tram passing by. This is the downside of living in a suburb closer to the City and the house is right next to the main road. Usually, I can just go back to sleep straight away as I've got used to the sound of endless traffic, but not this time. I reached my phone and randomly checked on the social media timelines, until I decided to blog about something.

Miss Bouncy is sleeping next to me. She's come here to pick up a textbook that I've borrowed for her from my university library. This is the first time we meet after she flew to Sydney for two weeks during uni break. Plus new semester has started and we both have been pretty tight up with study already. But she managed to cook some pasta with prawn and brought me some. We chatted about her holidays while I ate and I listened to her venting out about her clinical placement at some hospital.

Her bare back is now facing me but I still can hear her breathing softly. A sign, that I've learned, of her falling into a deep sleep. Some night she'd text me, saying she can't sleep. It could be her anxiety problem sometimes. Hence, seeing that she's sound asleep now gives me a slight peace of mind. We have to wake up in a couple of hours as she got a shift at the hospital in the morning and I have to go to work, then attend a lecture class.

This is probably the kind of thing that will raise the question. Knowing that I've been hooking up with Miss Bouncy, Queenie asked me about us. "Are you two a thing now?", was her question. I said no. We're more like "just hook ups" and "no string attached". But as Queenie said, you don't hang out with people you're hooking up with and you seem to hang out a lot with her lately. Well, now I'm thinking about what Queenie said, she's right. I do hang out with Miss Bouncy a lot, especially last semester. She would come over three or four days a week or whenever I was home, because I used to spend some night at uni to study and came home the next morning. I still do stay the night at uni this semester, but not as often as before. Yet. 

She has also left some of her stuff at my place. A pair of PJ's, hairbrush, toothbrush, contacts container, and even her phone charger. By now we have "my side" and "her side" on my bed. I sleep on the left side and she sleeps on the right side. Most of the time she'd walk me out to the tram stop and wait with me, before catching her tram home at the opposite direction and we'd kiss on the lips as we're parting. I know that it's every little thing that screams out "you two are a thing!" 

But we're not.

We're more than friends, less than lovers. Queenie came up with the term of "friends with benefits". I agreed and am pretty much okay with that. And so does Miss Bouncy. And I'd wish it stays that way. Nothing more and nothing less. Just two friends having a little bit more of fun and enjoying the ride.

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