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Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Miss Bouncy

I called her Miss Bouncy for a reason. She just can't stop bouncing. She bounces anytime, anywhere, with or without music, even when she's venting about something or someone. Bopping her head, bouncing up and down. That's just really her personality and she always has the energy to do that. She loves house/dance music, remix, and all the kind of music. If you go through her music playlist, you'd find Calvin Harris, Zedd, Hardwell, Avicii, David Guetta, and many more stored on her phone. And, yes, she goes clubbing sometimes.

I met her the first time at a gathering held by a group of Asian lesbians/bi's in Melbourne on last December. It was the first gathering for both of us that we actually went to. We introduced ourselves and I remembered she mentioned that she's a nursing student at another university. She also mentioned that she's bi and three years younger than me, and from Sydney. By the end of the gathering, we ended up going home together as we were heading to the same line. That was the last time I saw her, or so I thought.

A few months later, around early April, she added me on Facebook. We talked a bit through the chat and a couple weeks later she asked if I wanted to go grab a dinner. I said yes. We exchanged numbers and on the night we agreed to meet, we went to have a dinner at a restaurant in my suburb then went for a cup of coffee. That was the first that led to the second dinner, this time I was the one asking. We keep in touch and exchanging text messages a few times a week, until I invited her over to my place (by that time I had moved to the place I am living in now), because she bought a bottle of Baileys and wanted to share it with me.

And that was when it all happened.

Being a light drinker we are (I'm still way lighter than her), I was a bit drunk and she was tipsy. I don't remember who started it or how did it even happen. Vaguely I remember asking her what time she was going home and she asked me back, what time did I want her to go home. So I told her to stay over because it was getting late and she'd probably missed the bus. Then everything was blurred after that. All I know is I ended up sleeping with her.

Supposedly, it was a one-night-stand thing. Apparently it's not. She came over the next few days and we had sex again. I'm surprised myself that it's still happening until now. Yet, we are not thing and we both seem okay with it.

Funny is that this has been happening for about three months now and we get to know each other more through the days we meet. She told me about how she used to be bullied in school because everyone knows she's bi, she told me about her parents divorce and that she's got a step brother. She told me how she was depressed and wanted to kill herself, yet here she is. Strong and bouncy. Also I figured out that she has huge patience. She rarely gets mad over anything, unless it happens continuously.

How long will this last, I have no idea. We both are singles and do seem to enjoy whatever it is that we're doing. It's not a relationship, less drama. We still exchange text messages almost everyday when we don't get to meet, but that's all. One more thing, though, is that I've never expected that this would happen. Let alone that I'd ever get laid. Hehehe... But anyway, we'll just enjoy it while it lasts, aye?


bybyq said...

I can understand that totally.. and it seems really cool :D

I hope you are okay, being super busy. Take care, Rae :)

Rae said...

Thanks, Byq. :)