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Sunday, 30 October 2016

Spring Updates

Two months into Spring and two months after the moving hassles, my life has now returned to its normal pace again. So, here's a few updates of what's been on in my life in a nutshell.

Moving Blog
I have been thinking this long and hard that I might shut this blog down and create a new blog using a web domain. My reason is I am looking towards doing a creative writing with a mix of my personal experience about my newfound interest in holistic healing and spirituality. Being a sentimental kind of person, it is hard to leave this blog after having it for 6 years.

A lot of stories that hold a dear memories to me. But as my life is moving forward, I find it completely freeing to be disentangled from the past, hence moving to a new blog. On top of that, with my newfound interests I now know for sure that that is what I really want to do for the rest of my life. I feel like I eventually find the "place" where I belong, and sadly that this blog does not resonate with the kind of writing that I'm planning to do.

It would be a new project that I would probably do with a friend of mine and hopefully will unfold in the next year. I haven't done much about it so I would still be writing here until the new one is up and running. However, I will give you a little sneak peak of how it would be like apart from the aforementioned content; is that in the new blog, I am no longer going to hide my real identity. Yes, I am going to use my real name and a bunch of my picture. Yes, I am done hiding. Whoop whoop!

Jobs Finding
Back to reality, back to jobs searching. It has been long overdue to be staying at my current job. I am now actively looking and have been going to interviews. Although there's not much luck at the moment, but it's okay. I believe that something will come up. 

Being on Tinder
Yes, I am officially back to the market. This time, I'm trying Tinder. It took me a lot of courage and support from my friends to try it. So, a few weeks on Tinder I have met a few people, men and women, from the app and it was a lot more fun than I thought. Does it mean I am now straight, or bi-curious, or just completely confused? No. I am not straight, neither bi-curios, nor confused. I'm just... expanding my options. Ha ha!

That's all about it for now and you guys stay tuned for whatever's exciting coming up.

Until next post.


Hara Tidasi said...

Hmm, sayang sekali jika Kak Rae menutup blog ini karena banyak hal yang menjadi inspirasi untuk aku bergerak maju, salah satunya melanjutkan sekolah ke luar negeri.

Tapi siapalah aku yang hanya silent reader hehe. Tetap semangat untuk menyebarkan hal positif ke orang lain, Kak!

Hara (bukan siapa-siapa, hanya seorang asing yang baru menjelajah blog ini sebulan terakhir)

Rae said...

Halo Hara,

Makasih udah jadi pembaca blog ini dan buat inputnya. Walaupun blog ini nanti ditutup, link untuk blog yang baru tetap akan aku post di blog ini sebelum pindah kok. Jadi pembaca blog ini bisa ikutin blog baru juga. :)