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Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Life After Graduation

Admittedly, life after graduation is just plain boring. In terms of day-to-day activity, it's like playing a broken record repeatedly; wake up-go to work-get home-sleep-wake up-go to work-get home-sleep. You see, I work 5 days a week, 8 to 10 hours a day. I get Sundays and Mondays off, for now, which I use to catch up with friends (on Sundays) and to have some alone time (on Mondays). But other than that, there's nothing much to do.

Therefore I've come to realise that I personally need to constantly find something to achieve, or at least something to get up to in the morning other than just work and obligations. Some people I know, they decide to go back to uni and study another degree. For me, that is completely out of the equation as I can't afford another study. Not for the moment, at least.

Nevertheless, I have been using my days off to relax and do things I didn't get to do when I was in uni and juggling with two or three jobs. On the last weekend, for example, I went for an after work drink with my friends on Saturday, relaxing after a long day of labour work. We went to a Korean restaurant, Dare1, somewhere in Little Lonsdale, and ordered some food and soju. Heaps of soju. We played a drinking game and I, unintentionally, kept losing, so I was indeed intoxicated, resulting in a friend coming to pick me up and take me home. But I wasn't wasted surely. The next day I realised I lost my wallet in there. But God bless the staff, they found it and keep it for me to pick up tomorrow. I checked my saving account and my money is still there, though I have the cards cancelled when I couldn't find it at home and before I called the restaurant. My faith in human is restored.

Last Sunday was also a fun day. For the first time since I came here, I went to St Kilda Festival with some friends. It's a festival held annualy by the local council, Port Melbourne Council if I'm not mistaken, in supporting live music in Melbourne. There were a lot of street food stands, games, music and dance stages, and many other things, including heaps of people. Although I was feeling anxious and dizzy, a common thing that happens to me whenever I'm in a crowded place, I had fun nonetheless.

We played bumper cars, watched the free beach concert and played in the beach. The weather was nice, although a bit cool in the afternoon. In the evening we had dinner at a Japanese restaurant in the city and had a good conversation and laugh, making our the table was the most noisy and annoying table, which I feel bad about now. At the end of the day, I got home exhausted but feeling happy.

For the next weekend my friend and I are planning to travel to the countryside to have a little escape from the hustle and bustle of the city life. We're planning to go to Shepparton. I have never been there so I don't know what should I expect to find in there. Guess I'll see it for myself and it's the next story to be told.

By the way, this is my 300th post. Yay!

Until next post.


Anonymous said...

Kirain mbak Rae pulang ke Indo abis lulus... Hihihi..


Rae said...

Lho, kan emang niatnya gak balik lagi :p

bybyq said...

Congratulation for your 300th post!!

That, my dear... is an achievement in itself, no matter how small (and unimportant) it is for you. I can totally understand how life seems to be flat-lined after graduation (it does make you want to get another degree, doesn't it?), but worry not...

Set another goal, such as: visit Bybyq in the UK by next year... for example :p

Rae said...

Thanks, Byq!

And yes, hopefully some day i could visit UK and catch up with you. Though next year might be too soon hehehe. But one day, indeed :)