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Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Nearly There

Hey, it's nearly a month since my last post. It's Spring already in here, by the way. The weather is somewhat changing frequently everyday but I've managed to survive so far, although I fell sick a few times too many within a couple of months.

In regards to my studies, as I've told you that this is my last semester in uni so I've been busy as usual. In fact, I've just completed my last assignment tonight. I'm a few clicks away from submitting it and a proofread and that's it, I'm done! Now I need to only focus on the exams.

We're in SWOT vac at the moment, which is one week before final exams period. I have lots of revision to do considering I didn't do it since Week 1. It means I'm going to squeeze down the 12 weeks of material into one week of revision. And that is for each subject of two that are going to be examined. (Shikes!)

I have to be honest that due to the heaps of assignment load, I completely neglected one subject, that is Auditing and Assurance Services. This is the least favourable subject for me. It's not that I dislike the subject, but the assessment grades weren't up to my standard due to the lack of coordination in group work (more reason to hate group assignment). Considering this situation, I am therefore going to need all the power in me to beat this up.

In overall, I've been doing great this semester with the other two subjects. It means I still have high hopes for High Distinction in those two subjects. Fingers crossed that I'm going to nail it.

Until next post.

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