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Monday, 17 August 2015

Eventually Swimming

So, I eventually went swimming today. And boy, it felt so good! Wished I had done it more often. To my luck, a friend of mine lent me her membership bracelet so that I can go in and swim for free. I was stunned that she's willing to lend me the bracelet as I only know her for less than a week. Hell, it was actually the first time we talk. May god bless her and her kind soul!

The pool was crowded by the time I get there. So I waited a bit before changing into my swimmers. Fifteen minutes later I was already in the water. I managed to swim for an hour and do at least 10 laps. The pool is 30m long. My first lap, however, was tougher than I predicted. I realised it's been over two years I hadn't swum so I'm getting rusty. I knew I was out of shape in the very first stroke because I was out of my breath shortly after. But after the first lap, it got easier.

I stayed in the leisure lane and swam real slow, enjoying it. For every stroke I could feel the water, my swimmers hugging my body tightly, the clear vision under the water (thanks to Speedo goggle), the smell of chlorine, the silence as I dived down and the sound of my breath under the water. And as I eventually got my rhythm, I could swim smoothly and it's calming. It clears my head. Every feeling I feel all this time, the sadness, anger, regret, and every thought I have in the vault of my head, I took it all out in every move. That is what I like about swimming.

I swam until I couldn't feel my legs and arms and I reckon it's gonna hurt like hell in the morning. Then I moved to the fast lane and did a couple of laps before getting out, which feels like a bad idea now considering the sore on all over my body.

In the locker room, I rinsed quickly. Here is the thing I don't like about locker rooms: nude women. Hey, I'm not a pervert. I don't stare. It's just locker room makes me feel so self-conscious. And to my surprise, a woman went completely naked in front of me after I got out of the shower. I acted cool and divert my gaze elsewhere, get changed and leave. But hey, it's something that I don't get to see in Indonesia, no? (And please, it's not like I don't like the view of, you know....)

Speaking of women, oh my god, there are lots of women my type in there! I'm determined to swim more often now.

I stopped by at Coles on the way home to buy a Gatorade and tampons, but ended up spending 20 bucks on chocolates and chips, minus the tampons. I got distracted. Dammit. Swimming always starves me. (It is second to sex, anyway.) Now I have like a month stock of munchies.

Tonight, hopefully, I can sleep soundly. It's something I really need these days.

After today, and considering all the women, I think I'm going to make this a routine. So I might go swimming again next week. That's if I don't get my period.

Until next post.

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bybyq said...

Aah... I would love to go swimming. It's summer in here, and we've been having heatwave for sometimes. At my husband's old job we could go and have a quick swim once in a while for free in the evening, but not with his new job now :(